Boxhagener Platz : story

The first time I got lost in a city was while I was roaming around the streets of Verona. I was thirteen and very much in love with the paved streets, the market stands that were displaying beautifully hand-painted masks, the warm summer air, the melodic Italian words, and I was walking and walking and walking down the streets of the city without any destinations or knowledge of the exact location of my group.

Being “lost” on unknown streets is not a negative experience. It is, in fact, an exploratory experience which awakens most of our senses: seeing, smelling, touching, hearing. What I intend on doing with this project of collecting and archiving Berliner street names is in fact a form of awakening more my imagination and creating new stories, novels, and ultimately feelings. It’s also a way of deepening my relationship with the city and the German culture.



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